Virtual dating games for teenagers cruise dating

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While you can enjoy , rated 7.5 by IGN, is available for a cost of about .

Once you are placed with a family, you will typically have a trial period of about a week to ensure you are a good fit.

Just as is it possible to do everything from ordering groceries to finding a real-life mate on the computer, you're able to create your own virtual family online through simulation games.

When you create family members, sites let you choose all sorts of different characteristics, like skin and eye color, personality, and body size.

These websites give girls a place to learn and talk about female health issues, relationships and subjects that most teen boys would run from. In addition to articles on health, fitness and nutrition, girls will also find quizzes, celebrity spotlights and videos with tips on topics such as bullying, relationships and planning for the future.

Girls looking for a place to hang out online will enjoy Girl Zone, a website designed to provide advice, entertainment and fun for teen girls.

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