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It would soon become one of the most profitable corporations in the world, owing mostly to House's considerable technical genius and business acumen.

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Snow globes found in Sierra Madre (Dead Money), Big MT (Old World Blues), Zion National Park (Honest Hearts) and the Divide (Lonesome Road) will automatically be removed from the player's inventory and replaced with 2000 caps (except for snow globe - Sierra Madre Casino, it adds 2000 Sierra Madre chips.) Once the Courier has sold a snow globe to Jane it is placed on display (on a mantle) in the Lucky 38 presidential suite. House the snow globes will stay in your inventory and Jane will disappear. House is extremely physically decrepit and can only live inside a self-contained life support unit.

Born on June 25, 2020 (261 years old) to a wealthy Nevada tool magnate, Robert Edwin House was orphaned at an early age when his parents died in a freak accident involving an autogyro and a lightning strike.

Cheated out of his inheritance by his half-brother, Anthony, he nevertheless attended the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, and later went on to found Rob Co Industries in his hometown of Las Vegas at the age of 22.

At some point after emerging from stasis, House won the leadership of Vault 21 in a bet, stripped it of all useful technology, and then planned to permanently seal the Vault away by filling it with cement.

At the pleadings of Sarah Weintraub he left the top section of Vault 21 as it used to be, and she converted it into a hotel (all the casino equipment was already there from the vault experiment). House is also extremely interested in the collectible snow globes and he will pay handsomely for each.

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