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Born on the same day to best friends, they had been inseperable as toddlers and had only grown closer with time.

He wasn't but he didn't want to correct those assumptions.

příkon kombinace 2200 W Vnější rozměry (š x v x h): 465 x 279 x 382 mm Vnitřní rozměry (š x v x h): 290 x 211 x 316 mm Hmotnost 12,7 kg ...

A response to Final Master X2's Harry Potter Challenge. This new story is a response to Final Master X2's Harry Potter Challenge. For some reason I really want to start singing about lumberjacks here.2.

They had grown up together in the aftermath of the great wizarding war, which had been ended by Harry's, completely unconscious and unremembered (by him at least) defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Two shy, quiet, mild mannered and even tempered boys finding pleasure in the simplicity of nature.

Neville's love of plants and Harry's love of flowers and cute fluffy animals led the pair of them to revel in the extensive gardens around both of their homes and in their own company.

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