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Instinctively, I did the first thing I could think of and quickly crawled under my bed to hide.I heard the sound of footsteps coming closer, ever so slowly.Suspension of disbelief is important to every great story, so let’s not get into which of these are real and which are fake.All you need to know is this:1300 words | 5 minute read Nathan’s girlfriend died on August 7, 2012.He apologised for not replying last night and said he had just been busy.We had a brief exchange, and he said he would come over soon, saying it was urgent.It was strange for him to just stop replying like that.

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Nathan recounts the strange events from that day to July 2014, complete with screenshots of the exchange.

The phone fell silent for a moment until I heard a deathly scream from the mother in the background on the other end of the line. He’s dead.” They had found Bradley’s lifeless body hung up like a coat in the wardrobe.

The father drew a deep breath, and bravely strung together a sentence that I’ll never forget. I ended the call in shock, as it became apparent why he had asked if I would be home alone, when suddenly I heard the back door creak open.

But the tension is heightened in that each time you hit Enter, a new message loads, sometimes making you wait painstakingly for the other person to finish typing. A girl recounts the time her housemate, R, was browsing Facebook and came across his own picture in the social network’s “People you may know”. And that profile was in a relationship with someone else.

A little digging showed the author had a fake profile too, and there was an entire online community of all her and R’s friends.

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