Fitzgerald dating

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A Navy destroyer has a relatively small crew, from 220 to 300 sailors at any given time. Langlais can't talk about the collision itself, but she agrees with Erin Rehm that heroic actions saved lives.The nightmare stuck with her the next day, when she had to retrieve her things.Jacqueline Langlais, a sailor on the Fitzgerald, considered Gary L. As well-wishers come and go at the Rehm house in Hampton and days of mourning run together, the two women have bonded in the face of unspeakable tragedy, pooling the strength that comes from loved ones remembered and pride in their Navy service. She was engaged to Seaman Dakota Rigsby, of Fluvanna County, a 19-year-old gunner's mate who died that night along with Rehm and five others.

Rehm's hometown is in Ohio, but most of his 19-year Navy career has been spent here, first aboard the USS Ponce and then on the USS Ramage. He planned to stay in the Navy, returning to the Norfolk area for another assignment to complete his 20 years. "We would just sit there and watch the stars," she said.

"I always felt like he was so great, that I wasn't good enough for him," she said. It's just crazy." In the end, she wants people to know that Gary Rehm would do anything for anyone, and that he made his wife a better person.

"All we wanted was for people to have this relationship we had," she said.

As people have told stories of how he has helped them, she's seeing his life from the perspective of her neighbors.

"He downplayed what he did for people, that it was no big deal," she said.

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