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The crew's popularity prospered in their hometown; and when SRD appeared in a local newspaper, it was then that Eunhyuk cemented his dream to become a singer/performer.

In 1999, together with Junsu he auditioned for SM Entertainment through the company's Starlight Casting System at age 13.

WARNING: This is a written story in Lemon, if you don't like stuff like this, you can skip it!

------------------------------------------------------------- You were lying down on the bed with your long time boyfriend Eunhyuk. You've been dating ever since you met him in (Name of Country) 5 years ago on a tour. " You looked at him and saw him looking at you too, you bit your lower lip and contemplate but then you peck his lips anyways.

"L-let's do it already hyukkiee..." you told him as he just continues to stare at you. When you already adjusted on his manhood, he started to accelerate his pace, making you feel the pleasure you've never felt before.

You were both moaning in pleasure and asking for each other's body.

As he pounds you more and more, you felt that same thing inside of you, when he licked you.

Now, you went to Korea for vacation because he's on break too, that's why you're here with him on his bed. He slowly went on top of you as he kissed you passionately, down to you neck and back to your lips again as the his hands begin to took off your shirt.Both of you lie down and pant in tiredness but suddenly he went to get something on the desk cabinet beside your bed.He held your hand and put a ring in it as he kissed your lips lovingly, you're tears began to tear up as he said, "I don't want to get separated from you again,_______. This is my first time doing a fan fiction and I got inspired by some of fan fiction writers especially Abbie Vanity Cakes!Since I'm not sure how to do this fan fiction yet, I will follow your example first in creating a fan fiction f...

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