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So how can single people prove they’re really Green Singles? maybe organize a tree planting event, or get a group together to pick up trash in heavily polluted urban areas? Imagine how clean and efficient our cities would be if these were the kinds of things single people to do to find love?What if you had to wear your carbon footprint number (issued by a neutral 3rd party environmental watchdog agency) on the back of your jacket in public? The secret to finding green singles is to look for Eco-friendly activities and services and go there.Laura’s expert knowledge of dating etiquette, relationships, and human behaviour form the base of her experience.

This is a petroleum free solution – your clothes wont smell like lighter fluid, they’ll feel better against your skin, fit better, look better, and last longer.For example, look in your neighborhood newspaper together and find out when local organizations are doing habitat restoration projects, feeding the homeless or walking dogs for the Humane Society. Research the natural history of your community together.Start locally and as the relationship evolves, you can expand your volunteering together, nationally or globally. Go back to childhood and paint each other's faces with plant-based paints. For example, take a hike and focus only on medicinal or edible plants, or research and attend a local Native American powwow. Leave the city, phones, computers, and i Pods behind and embrace nature.This is an organic chemical that does not occur in nature, a pollutant introduced into the environment by human activity.Specifically, its a widely used solvent, especially in dry cleaning activities.

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