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Brennan had just finished dining with Goldie Hawn that October night when her world collapsed. boulevard, darkened by a temporary power outage, Brennan stepped into the path of an oncoming car and was hurled into a ghastly abyss.

She suffered a catalog of injuries—smashed legs, a fragmented jaw, a broken nose, an eyeball wrenched from its socket.

(Divorced in 1975, the two remain close.) Says Lampson, “When I saw her, there were no facial features left. Brennan’s return home heightened her fears and insecurities.

When addicted, the person may not be able to control their drug use and they may continue using the drug despite the harm it causes.

Strangely enough I wouldn’t have missed my accident.

- Have you ever dealt with the effects of drugs firsthand.

Lily Tomlin dressed up Brennan’s sons, Sam, now 13, and Patrick, 12, as her lounge-lizard character, Tommy Velour, to amuse Brennan.

Richard Pryor sent over tapes of his shows for entertainment.

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