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Bad enough when you're an only child, but if you're among a pack of siblings, this particular trope is nearly guaranteed to raise its head at some point in order to make life even more difficult.Parental Favoritism is just what it sounds like — one child is given preference over their siblings. One child being asked to do the other's chores because their sibling is sick is not favoritism, although that won't stop the kid lumbered with the extra work from grumbling.

A more realistic version is where the big talk is honest, and the parent doesn't bother trying to justify their actions, but do realise they were wrong and attempt to make amends.Sometimes, there may be more than one "favorite," or the mother and father will have different "favorites," making life even more of a headache for their siblings.There are a few different versions of the trope, and a few different "explanations" as to why one child is preferred over the other.This is regularly done to "humanise" the hitherto parents — but it's too late.By the time of the talk, most of the audience will already be set against the parents, and it'll take a hell of a lot of good writing to redeem them.

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