Dating customs in guinea

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After being initiated into the tribe, youngsters spend time with a member of the opposite sex that has been picked to become their lifetime significant other.According to the tribal norms, the best partners are attractive and industrious. Parent strive to have their daughters marry potentially prosperous boys whose family can afford to pay large “bride-prices.” Families of girls also seek to establish strategic alliances through blood ties that will serve to strengthen their own positions in both commerce and warfare.An official from the Guinean government's anti-narcotics bureau (OCAD) said: "......corruption at the highest levels of the military and police and a lack of personnel and equipment are impeding OCAD's ability to crack down on drug trafficking." Despite a concerted drive to stamp out corruption and illegal drugs, much of the corruption remains.

Despite the idiosyncrasies of behaviour that might be attributed to religious affiliations, a reputable publication on countries and their cultures notes that, for Guineans in general: Greetings are very important, and it is rude to ask a question or make a request without first inquiring about someone's health and the well-being of his or her family.But in most southern European countries (Guinea was a French colony) this regulation is considered perfectly acceptable. Approximately 85 % of the population is Muslim, 8% is Christian and 7% follow traditional African animist beliefs. A small number of Hindus, Buddhists and Traditional Chinese religious practitioners are found in the expatriate community.Visitors should exercise cultural sensitivity with regards to their dress and behaviour.Penalties are heavy for those involved in attempted gem smuggling.On 10 October, 2008 the regional representative of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime said: Guinea has become a major drug-trafficking hub and the trade there is now potentially more dangerous than in Guinea-Bissau.

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