C maskedtextbox validating dating a divorced mom with kids

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Dear John Atten, First I would like to thank you for the Nullable Mask Text Box, I quaite new in C#.

Do you have new version of this Mask Text Box, I am using Entity Framework and binding the Date Value.

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Masked Text Box will only perform the check against The following code example attempts to parse the user's input as a valid Date Time.

To determine whether all required and optional input elements have been filled in, use the Mask Full property instead.

If you change a mask when Masked Text Box already contains user input filtered by a previous mask, Masked Text Box will attempt to migrate that input into the new mask definition. Assigning a zero-length string as the mask will preserve any existing data in the control.

You can use to verify whether the data entered by the user falls within the correct range—in the previously mentioned case, by assigning it an instance of the Date Time type.

The current text in the control will be validated either when the user leaves the control.

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